Sarah DeGray



Brattleboro, Vermont.


Hip hop, house, Motown and anything with a good bassline, drums or piano.


High energy and resistance loving! I also love my jump sets and sprint intervals. In my class it’s all about the music; you’ll work hard, but have fun while you’re doing it. Can you say turn & burn??


Classically trained vocalist, flutist, and thespian. Self-taught deejay and I play the “mouth trumpet”.


I’m known to devour any kind of bagel after my morning rides and I love rice dishes after my evening classes. Needless to say, I have a carb-based diet.


I was en-route to becoming a professor of political science and I was a paralegal before quitting that job to start REV in 2012.


REV has changed my body, mind and spirit completely. REV is a non-judgmental and non-competitive fitness space centered around community, hard work, fun, sweat and song. I REV for the people, I REV for the music, I REV because it makes me feel part of something bigger than myself. I want my REVers to remember that this community cannot exist without YOU, and to that I say, thank you. Let’s REV because we LOVE our bodies, not because we hate them.

Sarah instructs:


This class offers riders 40 minutes of high energy interval training on the bike which includes optional arm toning exercises while pedaling. Following the ride, REVers will experience 10 minutes of toning and sculpting challenges including squats, push ups, planks, crunches and other exercises to burn it up and tone it up. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


REV for 52 minutes to a program of long hill climbs and brisk flat roads as riders maintain aerobic fitness. This class is a great way to burn fat and compliment your other cardio or weight training programs. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!


Looking for a great workout but short on time? This class runs 45 minutes from warm-up to cool down, and you’ll leave feeling energized and super charged. You can expect 38 minutes of actual ride time, which packs musical variety in a fun, interval based, fat blasting sweat session. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!


This class has it ALL. For 52 minutes you will experience variety in your ride as you REV up hills, negotiate brisk flats, and test your jumping, sprinting, isolations and more. THRIVE classes offer you periods of endurance challenges coupled with interval efforts and recovery to give you the most diverse cycling workout. You’ll never be bored when you THRIVE. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


Our most popular classes are our signature music themed rides. We bring you EVERYTHING from Madonna to Jay-Z, Taylor Swift to Bollywood, 80’s ballads to 90’s hip-hop to disco and EDM. For 52 minutes you will experience musical ecstasy as you REV hills, flats, jump, sprint, isolate and more. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS.


This class offers you 40+ chances to sprint your heart out in 50 minutes. Don’t worry, sprints intervals are anywhere from 10-30 seconds in duration and you’ll get ample recovery between every interval. Come and see what you’re made of with this high octane anaerobic class! RECOMMENDED FOR RIDERS THAT HAVE A STRONG ANAEROBIC BASE.

REV 90

This advanced class will have you pedaling for just under 90 minutes as you tackle long hill climbs and brisk flat roads to challenge you aerobically and anaerobically. This class is a great way to burn fat and add challenging variety to your other cardio or weight training programs. Heart rate monitors are encouraged, but not required. 2 CREDITS ARE CHARGED FOR THIS RIDE.


This 45 minute circuit training class torches your upper body, lower body and core with a mix of resistance bands, TRX, medicine balls, kettle bells, rowers and more.