Emily Vicks

Emily Vicks


Clinton, New York.


Cultivating a diverse collection of musical genres from Bruce Springsteen to Drake, my rides will be a memorable and energetic experience. Using everything from jumps and tap-backs to hill sprints, I will challenge you to break through your perceived limit and empower you to discover and honor your best self.


I love to cook, ski, hike and yoga my way through each day. I can also quote all the Lord Of The Rings movies.


Chocolate smoothie bowls with excessive amounts of almond butter.


Currently SAT tutoring, participating in clinical research at UVM, and in the application process to medical school.


After turning in my running shoes due to a back injury, my passion for movement was reignited with the combination of music and sweat in spin class. I REV to continue the teamwork mentality I found as a previous three-sport athlete. I REV to revitalize my energy and overcome both physical and mental barriers to tap into the beauty of today.

Emily instructs:


Looking for a great workout but short on time? This class runs 45 minutes from warm-up to cool down, and you’ll leave feeling energized and super charged. You can expect 38 minutes of actual ride time, which packs musical variety in a fun, interval based, fat blasting sweat session. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!


This class has it ALL. For 52 minutes you will experience variety in your ride as you REV up hills, negotiate brisk flats, and test your jumping, sprinting, isolations and more. THRIVE classes offer you periods of endurance challenges coupled with interval efforts and recovery to give you the most diverse cycling workout. You’ll never be bored when you THRIVE. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


REV for 52 minutes to a program of long hill climbs and brisk flat roads as riders maintain aerobic fitness. This class is a great way to burn fat and compliment your other cardio or weight training programs. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!


Our most popular classes are our signature music themed rides. We bring you EVERYTHING from Madonna to Jay-Z, Taylor Swift to Bollywood, 80’s ballads to 90’s hip-hop to disco and EDM. For 52 minutes you will experience musical ecstasy as you REV hills, flats, jump, sprint, isolate and more. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS.