Gina Frontino

Gina Frontino


About Gina


​West Middlesex, Pennsylvania.

Favorite Music Genre(s):

I am all about classic rock, but when it comes to getting my sweat on I gotta have loud beats, cheesy top 40’s, and some hip-hop!

Riding Style:

Any workout on the bike can be a good one-but when you take my class I will coach you through sprint intervals, jogging jumps, and my personal fav…HEAVY tap backs.

Special Talent(s):

Retired competitive snowboarder with a few tricks left in the bag, and in the summer months I love to golf!

Favorite Post-REV Meal:

Banana-cocoa-peanut butter smoothies and my famous “trash” pasta, which includes all the veggies left over in my fridge, chicken, and goat cheese marinara sauce over whole wheat pasta.

Other Job Skills:

I am finishing my Master’s in Food Microbiology at UVM and hope to start my career as a food safety microbiologist-one who will protect ya’ll from bad bugs and foodborne illnesses.

Fall in love with taking care of your body.


I came to REV in desperate need of clearing my mind and finding some form of motivation. You bet I found both of those things, and soo SOO much more. I found confidence, inspiration and a community I can depend on. I REV to better myself in all aspects of my life and I am so pumped to be a bigger part of it!


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