What is rev?

REV is Vermont’s premier indoor cycling studio. ​REV offers unparalleled indoor cycling rides ​in a no-judgement environment ​with motivational music and inspiring instructors. You’ll REV to music that has been hand picked and mixed to transform and upgrade your group fitness experience. An average of 450-600 calories are burned per class​.​​ No previous cycling experience is necessary and all ability levels are welcome and encouraged!​

what kind of classes do you have?
We believe in a no judgment zone at REV. Every class is carefully crafted to give you the best ride of your life and the opportunity for YOU to choose your intensity and pace. We REV in the dark and without mirrors. Our instructors are approachable and knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  

ANY class can be your first class at REV, but here are some helpful tips to guide your decision.

INTRODUCTORY CLASS – BEGINNER ONLY​ = 45 minutes of detailed how-to instruction ** Offered twice monthly
REVEXPRESS = 38 minutes ride time
REV TONE & SCULPT = 40 minutes ride time and includes optional mat work off the bike after you ride
REVTHRIVE/REVRETRO/MUSIC THEMED REV = 50-52 minutes ride time​ which may include interval training​​
REVENDURE = 50-52 minutes ride time and ​does NOT include high intensity intervals
REVCLIMB = 50-52 minutes ride time of which 38-50 minutes are hill climbing​ ** Fall/Winter/Spring offering only
REV90 = 84 minutes ride time​ – best suited for those with an aerobic base
REV-X = 45 minute cardio circuit training class using TRX, medicine balls, kettle bells, dumbbells and more
What bikes do you have?

REV’s fleet includes 40 Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus bikes with dual sided SPD pedal technology. We do not have computer metrics on our bikes.

What do i wear?

Wear sweat wicking, comfortable athletic clothing. Cycling shorts, shorts, crops, leggings or skorts are all acceptable. You can REV in Shimano SPD compatible cycling shoes, or use your sneakers. Thicker soled shoes are recommended as opposed to minimalist shoes.

do you offer classes just for beginners?

One Saturday a month we offer a FREE class for beginners lasting 45 minutes. This class is geared towards people that have never tried indoor cycling before and would like extra instruction regarding hand positions, skills and proper form. Please check our schedule for these offerings. 


YES. We welcome every age and EVERY BODY type and ability level. Please email us if you have specific questions at info@revindoor.com

Cancellation Policy

To receive a class credit for a canceled reservation, you must cancel your class 12 hours prior to your scheduled class. Once you cancel a class, it is returned to your account to be used at a future date. Classes not canceled 12 hours prior to your scheduled class will be forfeited, and unlimited memberships will be charged $5 per no show or if the cancellation occurs outside of the 12-hour window. Thank you for your cooperation – no refunds or credits will be issued – no exceptions.  

Wait list/ Stand-by Policy

REV does not keep a waiting list. Please keep checking the web or mobile app for seats to become available. If you would like to ride stand-by, please show up for the class you’d like to ride and we will sell those seats on a first come, first served basis if we have openings.

Reserved REVers, if you are late to your scheduled class and REV has a stand-by rider, REV reserves the right to sell your seat away and you will be billed for a no show. Please be on time to class.

New REVers

• New riders PLEASE arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the class.

• Please bring CLEAN sneakers or cycling shoes to REV in. No outside shoes are allowed in the studio.

The REV Method
Our stationary bikes include an adjustable resistance knob to modify the difficulty of pedaling, specially shaped handlebars, and multiple seat and handle bar adjustments for a customized fit for every rider. The weighted flywheel simulates a “road” feel and allows riders to simulate outdoor terrain by increasing or decreasing resistance. The pedals are double-sided and equipped with both “cages” to accept sneakers and “clipless” attachments for SPD cycling cleats.

REV classes are taught on an effort scale of 1-10 and cadence is designed to match up with the beat of the music. How to find your 1-10 scale. Begin with zero resistance, the resistance knob should be turned all the way to the left until it ceases to turn – that is your “1”. Now begin slowly turning your resistance knob to the right until you can no longer pedal a full revolution – that is your “10”.

1-3 requires the rider to make incremental right turns with the resistance knob to add minimal resistance on the bike. The rider should be able to cycle very fast at this pace. 1-3 is reserved for warming up or a fast/flat road recovery.

4-5 requires the rider to yet again make incremental right turns to engage the core and leg muscles which requires more cardiovascular and muscular effort. At this resistance you should be able to cycle briskly, but start to feel the flywheel or “road” underneath you. 4-5 is used mostly for standing jogs in position 2 or 3, and is a great resistance for flat road sprints and push efforts.

6-10 again requires the rider to make incremental right turns to simulate riding up a hill. A 6, for example, is considered the base of your hill. As you slowly increase resistance your legs will begin to slow down and correspond to the downbeat of the music. As you go up the number scale (7, 8, 9, 10) the resistance gets heavier and heavier and it becomes harder to complete a rotation of the flywheel the closer you are to 9/10.


We have a state of the art water bottle friendly water fountain to fill up your water bottle quickly with crisp, cold water.
REV has two toilets and three showers available to our patrons. Please bring your own body towel, shampoo and conditioner.
REV has a men’s and women’s locker room so you can change privately and stow your items securely.


YES: Please email info@revindoor.com to get yours!