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How to Beat the Summer Workout Slump

Whether it's raining or the sun is shining, don't be surprised if you find your workouts suffering from a summer slump. It can be hard to stay motivated to exercise when the weather is so nice. It's easy to understand why you'd rather be on the beach with a book or...

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Rev Is Good For Your Body and Your Brain

REVing boasts all kinds of health benefits that go far beyond increasing your cardiovascular endurance and toning your muscles. One of the reasons REV makes you feel so good is because REV helps you produce endorphins.If you've noticed that REV helps you feel happier,...

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What’s the deal with carbs eh?

The great news is that you SHOULD be eating carbohydrates. If you REV, chances are you are burning more calories than your sedentary friends. When you REV, you are training your body and your body requires appropriate fuel in order to perform optimally. Calories =...

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5 Indoor Cycling Myths Busted!

1. It's too intense for most people.Not true because you, the rider, manage your own intensity. At REV, we encourage our riders to REV at their own pace and resistance. No one but you can control the intensity of your ride, so some days you may opt for more recovery...

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